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Science and education 1850 up to 1900

Technicle centre Sternberg, founded 1895

A teachers‘ college in Ludwigslust trained village school and primary school teachers. It relocated to Neukloster in 1852. Knightly village school teachers were trained in Lübtheen and Neubrandenburg. Rural teachers were to teach religion and agriculture.

School administration remained in clerical hands in Mecklenburg until 1918.

A private technical centre was built in Strelitz in 1890 for training people in the areas of building, engineering, electronics and civil engineering.

Navigationsschule in Barth, gegründet 1865
College of Navigation in Barth, founded 1865

The Prussian king inaugurates the Rubenow Memorial in 1856 to mark the 400th anniversary of the University of Greifswald. The university becomes a modern hub of research in the fields of medicine, law, theology and philology.

In 1869, struggling to accommodate the large number of students, the 'Unified Royal and City Grammar School' in Stettin is split into the municipal grammar school and the grammar school at the Seminary of St Mary in 1869, which also accommodates Jageteufelsche Collegium.

A school for the daughters of good houses is opened in Barth in 1855; a school for coxswains moves into the upper storey in 1860. A new school building is constructed in Barth in 1867, although a navigation college already exists in Stralsund. Seagoing sailors and coxswains with 60 months of experience attend this school to acquire a license to navigate a ship

In 1897, Kartz von Kameke auf Streckenthin uses latest scientific methods to establish a centre of potato cultivation of global standing in the district of Köslin.

Catholic primary schools are built from 1850 onward.