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Science and education 1700 up to 1750

about a Polstergeist 1722

The Latin school became a German bourgeois school where German was taught as the language of office, the Protestant Church and commerce. The clergy and public officials in towns were the regulators. School regulations required approval from the territorial lord.

Christian Wilhelm Haken Christian Benjamin Glassbach
Christian Wilhelm Haken (1723-1791) charted the history of Pomerania

The Latin school is transformed into a German secondary school that teaches German as the language of chanceries, the Protestant Church and of commerce.

Eighty Swedish students enrol at the University of Greifswald between 1720 and 1740, where they can earn an academic title under favourable conditions. But scholars also relocate to Sweden.

A new main university building is constructed between 1747 and 1750.

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