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Science and education 1550 up to 1600

Cathedral school Güstrow around 1560

After the Reformation the Church Order of 1552 also contained school regulations under which, in towns and cities, boys’ schools had to be maintained under the leadership of theologically trained rectors.

In 1563, the professorships at Rostock University were divided into municipal and baronial salaried posts through the “Formula concordiae.” Teaching was modernised.

Page from the Greifswald Role of 1557 bernhard von behr
Page from the Greifswald Role of 1557

Science and art flourish at court and in the larger cities. A print shop opens 1569 in Stettin, 1581 in Greifswald and 1582 in Barth. The Barth Bible of 1588, adorned with 170 woodcuts, evidences its high standing.

Following the Reformation, Johannes Bugenhagen drafts a church constitution that calls for the introduction of general school education for girls as well. The trivial schools and scriptoria remain.