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Science and education 1450 up to 1500

Lactorium and auditorium magnum in Rostock
around 1500

Private writing schools were accredited in seaside towns for the sons of craftsmen. They imparted comprehensive skills in the areas of reading, writing and arithmetic. Poor sons in towns and cities attended second-rate schools where reading, writing and Low German were taught.

Heinrich Rubenow um 1460
Heinrich Rubenow,
around 1460

The University of Greifswald is founded in 1456 during the golden age of the Hanseatic League on the initiative of Heinrich Rubenow, mayor of the city, himself an alumnus of Rostock and Erfurt. He is also appointed the inaugural rector. The university opens classic faculties in the subjects of law, medicine, theology and art.

Grammar schools in the larger cities, centres of humanist thinking, prepare the scions of prosperous families for their university studies.