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Science and education | 1850 up to 1900 | Mecklenburg until 1945

French edition of Schliemann's "Ilios, the City and Country of the Trojans" (Troia)

360° Ansicht
  • Paris
  • 1885
  • height: 28.5 cm

In the book, Schliemann summarises the results of his first five excavation campaigns on Hisarlik Hill (Troia), describes the country and people of the Troad and allows various experts have their say on specific topics. As a preface, this book contains an autobiography by Schliemann, which he would have done better to have called "Poetry and Truth", based loosely on Goethe. Heinrich Schliemann published ten scientific books, most of which he published simultaneously in three languages (German, English, French). The museum owns almost all of the first editions.

Text: R. W.

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