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Landscape and environment 1750 up to 1800

Deforested area of Rehna, end of 18th century

An edict from 1773 dealt with protecting and increasing oak wood. For the first time the focus was on a specific species of tree that was under particular threat.

Garden art picked up on ideas of naturalness. Hohenzieritz in Mecklenburg received, at the end of the 18th century, the latest natural design in the sense of "benefit and decoration." The palace garden was one of the most beautiful garden monuments in the country and the oldest English style landscape park in the region.

Andreas August Rhode, Fischland, Darß und Zingst, 1761
Andreas August Rhode, Firschland, Darss and Zingst, 1761

The sovereigns become aware of the need to protect certain and particularly endangered species of tree.

The idea of 'usefulness and ornamentation' is picked up in horticulture. Built 1750, the Baroque park of Heinrichsruh is among the best-preserved complexes.

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