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Trade and industry | 1300 up to 1350 | Western Pomerania until 1945


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  • islands of Murano near Venice (Italy), 1st half of the 14th century, glass, enamel and gold painting;
    height: 14.8 cm

Glass from Murano acquires a global reputation from the 14th century. This cup, with its unusually rich and intricate painting, is testimony to this tradition, and the inscription "+MAGISTER. BATOLAMEUS. FECIT ET EE: " (= manufactured by Master Batolameus) on the gilt around its circumference states by whom it was made. Batolameus works in the glass works on the lagoon islands of Murano near Venice, and this cup is the best example of his known work from this period. The painting also shows two large drinking receptacles with vine tendrils creeping out above their lips. Two young boys in a kneeling position hold these cups, their postures twisting away.

A pair of tree-like elements separate the two scenes. Cups of this kind are frequently adorned with a rich selection of motifs. They range from Christian to secular scenes with individuals and groups, animals and fabled creatures, even coats of arms, stylised plants and architectural elements. But it is difficult to interpret the subject of the Stralsund cup, so that additional research will be necessary.

The cup was discovered 1993 in a cloaca during archaeological excavations at Neuer Markt 7/8 in Stralsund.

Text: R.N.

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