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Trade and industry | up to 1200 | Western Pomerania until 1945

8 bracelets

Armrinnge von Peenemünde
360° Ansicht
  • found in Peenemünde, district of Vorpommern-Greifswald,
    gold (391.8 g in total), Nordic-Scandinavian, 2nd half of the 10th century;
    diameter: bottom: 10.0 cm

The jewellery set from Peenemünde comprises eight slightly twisted, golden bracelets. Six of the circular pieces are complete and one is cracked; only fragments of the final bracelet remain. One half of the bracelets consists of a single solid rod, while the other is fashioned from two thinner rods twisted into a braid. Slender filament wires are woven into the pieces in this group as well.

The bracelets are slightly bent, and six of them have a rhombic plate with a punched pattern. Only one of the bracelets has a form of clasp. It is designed as a spheroid strap button into which the second end is hooked.

The items were found during planting in 1906/07 and then during deliberate searches in 1908.

Bracelets made of precious metals mainly come from hoards or from individual finds. These items may have been worn by men or women. Gold bracelets possess significant material and symbolic value. The Peenemünde bracelets are likely to originate in Scandinavia. There have been similar finds in southern Sweden especially.

Text: C.H.

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