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Way of life | 1900 up to 1950 | Western Pomerania until 1945

Doll's house

Puppenhaus um 1900
360° Ansicht
  • around 1900, wood, fabric;
    height: 102 cm

The well-preserved house with its delightful promoterist-period and Art Nouveau furnishings is acquired by the museum a mere 30 years or so after its manufacture. Besides the balcony and the bay, the features include a roof terrace with wicker furniture and porcelain dolls in original attire.

Only the children of wealthy 19th-century burghers own splendid doll's house like this example. Their furniture, wallpaper and crockery reflect the respective domestic cultures of their age. But they more than just presentation pieces, and are also used as toys. The family would bring them down from the attic at Christmas to furnish them in the latest fashions.

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