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Dynasty 1600 up to 1650

Dismissal of the Mecklenburg Dukes 1633

In 1628, during the tenth year of the Thirty Years’ War, Albrecht von Wallenstein, the Duke of Friedland and Sagan, moved into Güstrow castle. One year later the Emperor elevated him to the status of Duke of Mecklenburg and Imperial Prince. The Mecklenburg Dukes John Albert and Adolf Frederick were demoted due to their alliance with the “enemy” Denmark. Wallenstein died in 1634. The Emperor granted the Mecklenburg rulers all of their old rights in 1635.

Herzog Bogislaw XIV. und Elisabeth von Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg, 1615
Duke Bogislaw IV. and his wife, Elisabeth of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg, 1615

Philipp Julius (1584-1625) rules over Pomerania-Wolgast from 1603. He dies childless. Philipp II. (1573-1618) takes control of Pomerania-Stettin in 1603. Initially proconsul for his father, he becomes regent in 1606. When Philipp dies without child, he is followed by his brother Bogislaw XIV. (1580-1637), who reunites the duchy with Pomerania-Wolgast in 1625. The age of the Pomeranian dukes comes an end when the last of the Griffin line passes away in 1637. Brandenburg and Sweden divide the country in 1648.