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Dynasty 1650 up to 1700

Christian (Louis) I. around 1670

In 1658, Duke Christian I. (Louis) came to the throne of the economically ruined state of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. The argumentative ruler spent most of his time in the court of the Sun King Louis XIV. in Paris. He died in Holland in 1692 without leaving behind any male offspring. His nephew, Frederick William, took over the regency in Schwerin. The Güstrow line of dukes came to an end in 1695 with the death of Duke Gustav Adolph. An inheritance battle broke out with Adolphus Frederick II. and lasted many years.

Sebastien Bourdon: Königin Christina von Schweden 1653
Christina I., Queen of Sweden

Christina, Queen of Sweden (1622-1689), rules the Pomeranian territories west of the river Oder, including Stettin, from 1653. She is awarded a seat on the Imperial Diet as the duchy belongs to the Holy Roman Empire of German Nations. Queen since 1644, her coronation does not take place until 1651. She abdicates in 1654 and is followed on the throne by her cousin Charles X. Gustav (1622-1660). He is succeeded by his son Charles XI. (1655-1697). But he is a minor, so his mother and five civil servants handle the affairs of state until his 18th birthday in 1672.

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