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Trade and industry | 1900 up to 1950 | Mecklenburg until 1945

Model of the Fokker DR I

360° Ansicht
  • Fokker Aeroplanbau GmbH
  • Schwerin around 1915
  • scale 1:4
  • wingspan: 145 cm

Aeroplanes were built between 1912 and 1919 at “Fokker Aeroplanbau mbH” in Schwerin, including the Fokker DR I. The triplane was the most well-known German fighter plane during the First World War. Its most famous pilot was Manfred von Richthofen. The propeller plane was intended as a counterpart to the British Sopwith Triplane. Instead of making a copy the constructor Reinhold Platz drafted his own version. A weak motor made the aeroplane slower than other fighter planes.

Yet thanks to the thick wing profile and its lighter weight the DR I could rise easily and was very versatile. The first machine was deployed in August 1917. 420 examples had been produced in Schwerin by May 1918 but none of these originals remain. 

Text: K. Mö.

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