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Politics | 1750 up to 1800 | Western Pomerania until 1945

Map of Pomerania

  • sketched by Eilhard Lubin (1565-1621) in Rostock,
    engraved by Nikolaus Geilkercken (1583/8-1657) in Amsterdam,
    copperplate, 12 sheets, 1610-1618, 2nd edition dated 1758,
    scale approx. 1 : 235,000; width: 221 cm

"Nova illustrissimi principatus Pomeraniae descriptio cum adjuncta Principum Genealogia et Principum veris et potiorum Urbium imaginibus et Nobilium Insignibus." An approximate translation of the Latin title would be: New chronology of the Duchy of Pomerania with appended family tree of the ducal lines and their realistic portraits, also renditions of the more important cities and the aristocratic coats of arms.

Lubin's large map is a quantum leap in Pomeranian cartography. Philipp II, Duke of Pomerania-Stettin, commissions it from Eilhard Lubin, a professor in Rostock.

The map is the first cartographic, approximately accurate representation of Pomerania, based on surveys and mathematical calculations.

A kind of 'land register', it presents a unique collection of contemporary knowledge about the country at the time: coats of arms from 353 noble families, views of 49 cities, the family tree of ruling classes and a long description of the country, including a list of 79 fish species.

Text: St.F.

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