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Religion | 1500 up to 1550 | Western Pomerania until 1945

Eucharist chalice from the Cistercian monastery in Krummin (Usedom)

  • Hungary?,
    silver, gold plate,
    around 1500,
    height: 21.5 cm

Figurative vines extend along the lower section of the cuppa with lively depictions of birds. Interwoven vines and the leaves of thistles decorate the pommel. Tapering down to six arched sections, the foot also alternates between decorative vines and delicate edging plugged with a solid black substance (enamel?). Flowers, formed freehand, adorn the chalice between the in-turning sections of the six arched pieces. Black stones (mountain crystal) are inserted on to the node.

The stem carries an as yet untranslated, two-line inscription in Late Gothic capitals: 'EMPERM / MOPSAS'. There is another inscription engraved onto the underside of the foot in small Gothic lettering: S. nicodemi, who was probably the master craftsman. The diminutive round stamp on the upper edge of the chalice is probably a registration mark applied by the government authorities in Prussia (circa 1800).

Text: St.F.

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