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Politics | 1950 up to 2000 | Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Boundary post

360° Ansicht
  • oak wood
  • around 1980
  • height: 138 cm

Wooden boundary posts were used on swampy ground. They were used to mark out the exact border between the Federal Republic of Germany and the GDR. After conclusion of the Basic Treaty in 1972 a GDR-FRG border commission started, on 31st January 1973, to review the course of the national border, redefine it in disputed parts and mark it. This work was completed in 1976.

The cross on the upper side of the boundary post showed the course of the border. The “GDR” inscription pointed in the direction of the GDR. There were no other inscriptions. 1,242 of the 17,236 marked border points were designated with wooden posts. Other border points were marked with similar looking granite stones.

Text: A. W.

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