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Politics | 1600 up to 1650 | Mecklenburg until 1945

Helmet for a suit of armour

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  • Iron
  • Rostock
  • first quarter of the 17th century

The town charter requires each male citizen to defend the community. Each home-owner must provide their own military equipment. Three suits of armour and this helmet remain preserved; they belong to the equipment used by the 'Bruch' fishermen (named after the quarter in which they resided) and shoemakers. The suits consist of a chest and back plate, arm and leg protectors and a balaclava. This places the armour in the period before and during the Thirty Years' War.

The city is divided into quarters, defended by 'Fahnen' (divisions), each comprising between 180 and 200 men, of which there were 24 during the Rostock's golden era in the second half of the 16th century. Eleven remained in 1682. The divisions are responsible for guarding certain sections of the fortifications; they also dig trenches and built embankments, maintain public order, man the guard posts at the gates and patrol during the night. The 'Bruch' fishermen are assigned to the 6th Division in 1625 and to the 11th Division in 1682. They are therefore charged with guarding the Bruch area around the eastern city fortifications. Two 'Bruch' fishermen and the shoemaker own gabled houses and are therefore in the upper tax bracket.

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