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Religion 1600 up to 1650

Commander of the Maltese Order from the Groeben Nemerow 1620

During the occupation of Mecklenburg by the Wallenstein troops in the Thirty Years‘ War, which was officially a war between the Protestants and Catholics, the Catholic general let the people of Mecklenburg retain their Protestant beliefs, but displaced the local rulers as “summus episcopus” (head of the church). Catholic church services were held in the palace churches of Schwerin and Güstrow from 1629.

Gustav Adolf Gedächtniskapelle in Peenemünde
Gustav Adolf Chapel
in Peenemünde

During the occupation of Pomerania by troops loyal to Wallenstein during the Thirty Years' War (which is officially a war by the Protestants against the Catholics), the Catholic commander nevertheless allows the inhabitants to practice their Protestant faith. Sweden has already converted to Protestantism.