Commode of the 33rd guild in Parchim

oak, around 1880, height: 65 cm

The guild dates back to the “corpus Christi” fraternity, founded in 1350/1535, which consisted of 33 residents of Parchim. They strived for a modest Christian lifestyle as an example for the town and arranged an annual guild dinner. In 1704 the guild created a silver goblet for each member. The goblets were bequeathed and the names of all of the members were engraved on the rim. Duke Frederick Francis I. also became a member in 1808. The goblets are missing.

A chest (commode) with three drawers for storing them was created around 1880 and still exists. The guild was the only type of this association in Mecklenburg and existed until 1945.


Text: W. K./W. Ka.

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Mecklenburg until 1945

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