Light bulb from the Dornbosch lighthouse

manufacturer: RFT Berlin light bulb factory (?);
around 1960; height: approx. 30 cm

This 2,000-watt light bulb was donated to the museum when the lighthouse switched to metal halide lights. The Dornbusch is originally equipped with petroleum lamps, and electric lighting is not added until 1927. A prism attachment rotates around the lamp at a constant speed. The light is visible for 0.8 seconds, followed by 9.2 seconds of darkness – the Dornbusch's 'signature'.

Constructed 1887/88, the Dornbusch lighthouse and its counterparts on Møn, at Darßer Ort and on Cape Arkona protect the shipping lane in this section of the Baltic Sea. In contrast, the 'Süder' lighthouse, built 1906/07, marks the entrance into the Gellenstrom current. The Dornbusch lighthouse is Hiddensee's landmark, attracting around 50,000 visitors each year. They enjoy an expansive view of the islands of Hiddensee and Rügen, over to Stralsund and even as far as the Danish island of Møn.


Text: J.L.

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Western Pomerania until 1945

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