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Trade and industry | 1850 up to 1900 | Western Pomerania until 1945

Steam engine from the Lilienthal machine factory in Berlin

  • 1889
  • length: 125 cm

This is the only preserved example of the small steam engine patented by Otto Lilienthal that has remained in working order. It was produced in his boiler and machine factory in Berlin. In 2014, the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and the Cultural Foundation of the Federal States (KSL) financed its purchase in Australia on behalf of the Lilienthal Museum.

The stationary single-cylinder piston steam engine with double action can be used as a wall-mounted steam engine. It has the serial number 137. Weighing 245 kg, its 150 mm piston stroke produces up to 5 h.p. (3.7 kW). The integrated, trestle-mounted steam cylinder suspension is an interesting feature. A cylinder lid encloses the end plate on the lower boom of the trestle; it is used as the upper fastener and suspension for the bolted cylinder. The stuffing box casing for the piston rod is integrated in the cast trestle. A standard cylinder cover seals the underside of the cylinder. There is a richly ornamental brass nameplate emblazoned across the entire front of the cylinder.

Text: B. L.

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