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Art and architecture | 1900 up to 1950 | Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Ernst Barlach

360° Ansicht
  • Statuette
  • bronze
  • Gertrud Bergmann
  • around 1950
  • height: 39.0 cm

The disposition and gestures of Ernst Barlach’s statuette correspond to a photograph of Barlach, which was taken around 1935 in front of the Gertrudenkapelle in Güstrow. Gertrud Bergmann (1910–1985) was born in Schwerin and grew up in Güstrow, where she met Ernst Barlach and, by her own admission, was inspired by him to pursue a career as a sculptress. She created the statuette after the Second World War in Berlin.

In 1978 the Mecklenburg Foundation acquired this piece of work and a Barlach medal from the artiste. The foundation later acquired more of Bergmann’s work. In 1982 she was the recipient of the culture prize, which was jointly awarded by the territorial association and Mecklenburg Foundation.

Text: M. R.

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  • sculpture


Stiftung Mecklenburg

Schliemannstaße 2
19053 Schwerin

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