Plates with crests of Mecklenburg towns

Plates, silver, gilded with crests of Mecklenburg towns, 1904, here: Fürstenberg, diameter: 21.0 cm

The collection of various plates was a gift from ladies of Mecklenburg to Grand Duke Frederick Francis IV. and Grand Duchess Alexandra for their wedding on 7th June 1904.

In 1979 the Mecklenburg Foundation acquired 12 plates (out of 167) from Thyra, Duchess of Mecklenburg, the youngest daughter of the last ruling Grand Duke, Frederick Francis IV., shortly before her death. The plates owned by the foundation bear the crests of Rostock, Schwerin, Wismar, Sternberg, Parchim, Waren, Malchin, Ludwigslust, Güstrow, Bad Doberan, Grevesmühlen and Bützow.

Text: M. R.

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Mecklenburg until 1945

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Stiftung Mecklenburg

Stiftung Mecklenburg

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