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Way of life | 1850 up to 1900 | Western Pomerania until 1945

Knitted cap: 'Pottmütze' of the Mönchgut fishermen and farmers

Knitted cap: 'Pottmütze' of the Mönchgut fishermen and farmers
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  • Göhren, lamb's wool, around 1860;
    height: 29.5 cm

The oldest known headdress worn by the farmers and fishermen from Mönchgut is the the 'Pottmütze'. It is knitted from the 'coarse strands of the Pomeranian sheep'. Fritz Adler museum director and historian from Stralsund, writes in his book "Mönchgut – Das Bild einer Volkskultur auf Rügen" (Mönchgut, impressions of a popular culture on Rügen): "The headdress worn by the populace in Mönchgut at home and in the village until the second half of the 19th century is old: the resplendently colourful Pottmütze. It is made of grey lamb's wool […] with geometric patters […] and right-handed knots; at its top it has a thick woollen tassel in many colours. Women kept their bonnets on when going to bed at night, and the men were no different with their woolly hats.

This example from the collection owned by the Mönchgut Museums is one of the few remaining originals.

Text: E.M.

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