Religion 1700 up to 1750

Schelf church of St. Nikolas Schwerin, <br> built 1710 Schelf church of St. Nikolas Schwerin,
built 1710

region Mecklenburg

In 1703 the Bützow Huguenots convened for their first presbytery. In 1713 a second reformed court community from the widowed Duchess Sophie Charlotte was added.

In 1705 the enforced Protestant religion was relaxed with the creation of Schwerin Schelfstadt upon the order of Duke Frederick William, in order to attract foreign tradesmen regardless of their religious beliefs. The Jews also resettled.

Kagendorf, Dorfkirche St. Petri bei Neukosenow, erneuert 1750/51 St Peter's in Kagendorf near Neu Kosenow, refurbished 1750/51

region Western Pomerania

Frederick the Great tolerates all religions, inviting Catholic families from Palatinate to settle north of Pasewalk in 1748. They found the towns of Blumenthal, Hoppenwalde and Viereck. A military priest from Stettin attends to the flock.