Politics 1550 up to 1600

Ducal seal on the castle Güstrow around 1590 Ducal seal on the castle Güstrow around 1590

region Mecklenburg

The Reformation with the move from Catholic to Protestant beliefs fundamentally changed the political power in the state.

The constant disputes among the rulers led to a growing corporative influence on politics in the state. This was expressed through the “select committee” of the knights and the territory, in which the representatives of the Mecklenburg old gentry set the tone. It developed into a kind of parallel government in the state.


Seeschlacht auf der Ostsee während des siebenjährigen Nordischen Krieges 1566 Naval battle on the Baltic Sea during the seven years' Nordic War

region Western Pomerania

The dukes manage to maintain their neutrality in the Nordic Seven Years' War (1563-1570). They are given two votes at the 1570 Diet of the Holy Roman Empire. Border disputes with Brandenburg are resolved.

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