Politics 1350 up to 1400

Castle Stargard, border fortification to Brandenburg Castle Stargard, border fortification to Brandenburg

region Mecklenburg

The Hanseatic League of cities in northern Europe arose from the merchants‘ association. It met for the first Hanseatic day in 1356 in order also to manage the political interests of the merchants.

The pirate Klaus Störtebeker was alternatively both ally and opponent.

The Stralsund peace in 1371 was a highlight of the joint undertakings. The name not only referred to a peace agreement after a war but rather an agreement in which 31 Hanseatic cities were involved and with which the Danish king Waldemar IV. was conquered.

Urkunde über den Stralsunder Frieden 1370 Treaty of Stralsund, 1370

region Western Pomerania

Lübeck, Wismar, Rostock, Stralsund, Greifswald and Stettin form an alliance in 1354. The trade Hanse becomes a league of cities in northern Europe, which meets for the inaugural Hanseatic Conference in 1356 to discuss political interests.

In this period, the pirate Klaus Störtebeker alternates between the role of friend and foe.

The 1370 Treaty of Stralsund is a high point in the history of the alliance. It means more than just an agreement of peace following war; it is also a contract signed by 31 Hanse cities. Valdemar IV. of Denmark has no choice but to bow to this sabre rattling.

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