Dynasty until 1200

Death of Niklot, <br> 1160 Death of Niklot,

region Mecklenburg

Nakon, the Slavic lord of the castle, was described in the 10th century as a powerful Slavic ruler and compared with Miesko I. from Poland and Boleslav from Bohemia. In ancient writings the Obotrite rulers often appear in the rank of kings.

In 1167, Henry the Lion enfeoffed Pribislav (son of the Slavic ruler Niklot who fell in 1160 and a converted Christian) with his father’s land.

Bogislaw-I-1170, Nachzeichnung F.A. Vossberg 1854 Signet of Duke Bogislaw I., 1170, sketched by F.A. Vossberg in 1854

region Western Pomerania

Wartislaw I. (died around 1147) is the first duke of Pomerania recorded in deeds. He commissions the construction of one of his principal castles on a mound in Stettin, which remains visible today. When he dies, his brother Ratibor I. (died 1156) takes the throne. He is succeeded by the sons of Wartislaw, Bogislaw I. (circa 1130-1187) and Casimir I. (from 1130 to 1180), who share the regency. It is unclear whether Bogislaw was elected Prince of the Holy Roman Empire. He is followed on the throne by his two sons Bogislaw II. (1177-1220) and Casimir II. (circa 1180-1219).