Dynasty 1950 up to 2000

Duchess Donata, 2011 Duchess Donata, 2011

region Mecklenburg

Christian Ludwig, Duke of Mecklenburg and second son of Frederick Francis IV., was head of the royal house from 1945. The male line of the House of Mecklenburg (also named after the Slavic ancestors Niklot and Pribislav) died out with his death in 1996. His daughter, Duchess Donata, has been ruling the house ever since.

Prinz Louis Ferdinand von Preussen 1972 Louis Ferdinand, Prince of Prussia

region Western Pomerania

Louis Ferdinand, Prince of Prussia, (1907–1994) takes control of the House of Hohenzollern in 1951, as the eldest brother had been killed in the Second World War. He hopes to restore the monarchy and be crowned emperor. In 1994, he is succeeded by his grandson, Georg Friedrich Ferdinand, Prince of Prussia (1976), who holds no political ambitions.