Dynasty 1700 up to 1750

Duke Adolph Friedrich and Duchess Marie Duke Adolph Friedrich and Duchess Marie

region Mecklenburg

The third major division of territories in the Hamburg Agreement of 1701 led to the creation of Mecklenburg-Strelitz and Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Adolphus Frederick II. of Mecklenburg-Strelitz had primogeniture in the succession to the throne and built Neustrelitz as a residence.

Frederick William significantly extended his dominance with Werle-Güstrow. He was followed in 1713 by his brother Karl Leopold, but he was suspended from government in 1728 by Emperor Karl VI. The third brother, Christian Ludwig II., was appointed as administrator and took over the throne in Schwerin in 1747.

König Adolf Friedrich von Schweden Adolf Frederick, King of Sweden

region Western Pomerania

Charles XII. (1682-1718) becomes regent after his father. He is struck by a projectile during skirmishes in the siege of Frederikshald, Norway. He dies childless, and is followed on the throne by his sister Ulrika Eleonore (1688-1744); she rules for two years before she is forced to pass the throne to her husband Frederick (1676-1751). He loses Stettin, Anklam, Demmin, Usedom and Wollin to Prussia in 1721, during the Nordic War. King Frederick William I. (1688-1740) therefore becomes the sovereign in these swathes of (Western) Pomerania. He is succeeded by his son Frederick II. (the Great), 1712-1786.