Dynasty 1550 up to 1600

Duke Ulrich and Duchess Anna Duke Ulrich and Duchess Anna

region Mecklenburg

Güstrow became a residence in 1555. Ulrich was the first Duke of Güstrow – an educated and European thinking ruler. He reigned for almost 50 years. His second wife ­– the Danish princess Elisabeth - became even more important for the principality. People still take about her “reign” today.

Wappen der Pommernherzöge in Pudagla, 1574 Arms of the Pomeranian Dukes in Pudagla, 1574

region Western Pomerania

Philipp's son, John Frederick (1542-1600), largely leaves the affairs of the state in the hands of a ruling council. He and his brother Bogislaw XIII. (1544-1606) share the crown for a short time only. John Frederick takes over Pomerania-Stettin in 1569, after the abdication of Barnim IX.