Dynasty 1450 up to 1500

Seal of Duke Magnus II. 1479 Seal of Duke Magnus II. 1479

region Mecklenburg

In 1471 Duke Ulrich II., the last Stargard, died without leaving behind a male heir. The state fell to the Mecklenburg Duke Henry IV. (“Henry the Fat”). Following the death of his brothers, Duke Magnus took over sole reign of Mecklenburg in 1483 and ruled with an iron fist until his death in 1503.


Bogislaw X. von Pommern Duke Bogislaw X., around 1480

region Western Pomerania

Bogislaw X. (1454-1523) succeeds his father Bogislaw IX. (circa 1407-1446) as regent of Pomerania-Wolgast-Slupsk in 1474. Pomerania-Wolgast also falls to him four years later, when his uncle Wartislaw X. (circa 1435-1478) dies childless. This restores union to the Duchy of Pomerania for the first time in 200 years. Bogislaw X. is given the moniker 'the Great'.