Dynasty 1300 up to 1350

Albrecht II. around 1360 Albrecht II. around 1360

region Mecklenburg

As well as partial rule over Mecklenburg, Henry II. (“Henry the Lion”) successfully competed for power over the states of Stargard in 1317 and Rostock in 1323. The increasing power of the men of Mecklenburg was honoured in 1348 by King Charles IV. (Holy Roman Emperor from 1354) through the elevation of Albert II. and John I. to dukes and their recognition as imperial princes.

Reitersiegel Otto I. Signet of Duke Otto I. showing a rider, 1302

region Western Pomerania

Bogislaw IV. establishes the line of Pomerania-Wolgast following the death of the brother Barnim II. (circa 1275-1294). His brother Otto I. (1279-1344) becomes Duke of Pomerania-Stettin, sharing power with his son Barnim III. (before 1300–1368) from 1320 on. They both accept guardianship for the minor children of Bogislaw IV. Wars of succession then break out with Mecklenburg.