Dynasty 1250 up to 1300

Seal of Duke Henry the Lion, 1300 Seal of Duke Henry the Lion, 1300

region Mecklenburg

In 1298/99 ownership of Stargard changed hands, through the marriage between Henry II. of Mecklenburg (“Henry the Lion”) and Beatrice of Brandenburg, from Brandenburg to Mecklenburg. It later formed the foundation for the Duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.

Siegel-Bogislaw IV. 1278 Signet of Duke Bogislaw IV., 1278

region Western Pomerania

This line comes to an end with the death of Barnim's cousin, Wartislaw III., Duke of Pomerania-Demmin (circa 1210-1264). Barnim I. takes sole power and unites the territorial regions of Pomerania. His son Bogislaw IV. (before 1278-1309) initially rules alone as his brothers are still minors.