Dynasty 1200 up to 1250

Seal of Heinrich Borwin I. Seal of Heinrich Borwin I.

region Mecklenburg

Mecklenburg initially covered only one third of the later region. The development of a strong feudalism covering all of Mecklenburg was destroyed through distributions of the estate. A radical fragmentation – the first division of territory – occurred in 1229/1235, when Henry Borwin I. died and Pribislav’s great-grandchildren divided the Obotrite legacy into the domains of Mecklenburg, Rostock, Werle-Güstrow and Parchim-Richenberg.

Petschaft Bogislaw 2 um 1214 Seal of Duke Bogislaw II., around 1214

region Western Pomerania

The son of Bogislaw II., Barnim I., Duke of Pommern-Stettin (circa 1210-1278), is the first of the rulers to seek territorial expansion. He founded over 30 cities and numerous monasteries. His wooden residence is located in Stettin.