Way of life 1600 up to 1650

Graveyard <br> around 1650 Graveyard
around 1650

region Mecklenburg

The Thirty Years‘ War led to a brutalisation of conventions with the result that there was an increase in superstition and denunciations for witchcraft and sorcery. The rural population in particular regularly became victims of marauding soldiers and groups.

Hinrichtungsstätte Bergen 1615 Stralsunder Bilderhandschrift Execution site in Bergen, 1615.
Stralsund illuminated manuscript

region Western Pomerania

Sidonia von Borcke from Marienfliess Abbey is accused of complicity in the imminent demise of the noble line of Griffin. She is tortured and beheaded in 1620.

Plague decimates the population in 1624, especially in Pomerania-Stettin. Morals collapse as the Thirty Year's War rages. Superstition and denunciation for witchcraft become increasingly commonplace. Marauding soldiers and gangs bring suffering to the rural population especially. Duke Bogislaw XIV commissions a chronicle of the Drey Jährige Drancksahl Des Herzogthumbs Pommern (three years of pestilence in the Duchy of Pomerania) in 1630. Whole swathes of land are emptied of their inhabitants.

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