Uniform of the rural police officer Georg Woisin

around 1880

Before a separate hussar regiment was founded in 1798 two rural horsemen provided the police service in the principality of Ratzeburg. They monitored compliance with fire regulations, performed executions and drove foreign beggars out of the land.

The newly created state police received the uniform of the hussars to provide them with the necessary recognition amongst the population. Around 1800 the hussars were a very popular yet equally feared corps. The jacket (Dolman) was worn from 1st May to 30th September and the fur with black lambskin from 1st October to 30th April. The fur was fastened over the left shoulder to form the dress uniform.

Around 1870 the headpiece was modernised with the red cap that was protected by a waxed cloth cover during normal service. The splendour of this uniform remained until October 1905 when it was replaced with a uniform based on the Prussian model.


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