Pair of dancing dolls

painted wood, first half of 19th century, height: 25 cm

The two dancing dolls are particularly unusual. They were made by Heinrich Zunk (1819-1884), a slipper maker, in Thandorf in the principality of Ratzeburg. During village festivities the dolls were carried in front of the processions by the maker. The two figures are wearing early 19th century rural attire. There are at least two layers of paint. As well as a colourful traditional waistcoat, which was typical for the region, the man is also wearing a so-called “Kip´s”, which is similar to a fisherman’s cap.

The manufacturer’s love of detail is striking as he gave the dancing man an earring. The whole head and shoulders of the dancing doll were later enhanced. The wreath of silver threads and glass beads was swung over the shoulders, as with bridesmaids.


Text: O. B.

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Mecklenburg until 1945

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