Night watchman’s clock

enamelled metal, around 1800, Black Forest, diameter: 25 cm

The watchman’s clock or, more accurately, time clock was used by the cashier from the main grand ducal cash office in Schönberg to check whether the office was monitored by walkabouts in his absence. The clock itself hung in the cash office and had a cord leading into the anteroom to which the guard or night watchman had access. He pulled on the cord to confirm his presence and that the door to the cash office had been properly closed.

When the cord was pulled the lever above the turning clock face moved downwards and left an impression on the small rods sticking out of the turning clock face, the so-called “Doggen.” The hand always stayed still. Only the clock face moved (!).


Text: O. B.

The exhibit refers to:

Mecklenburg until 1945

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Volkskundemuseum Schönberger Land

Volkskundemuseum Schönberger Land

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