Inland Revenue cart

painted wood, around 1850, length: 120 cm

A particular work of art from the cartwright was the small wooden cart with a lockable cover. The dark green colour and narrow yellow trim on the outside of the cart alluded to the fact that something special must be hidden inside. It was the hand cart of the tax collector (“excise officer”) from the main grand ducal cash office in Schönberg around 1850.

With this collection cart, a better type of hand cart, the tax collector went from house to house in the villages in the principality, probably together with the “district hussar”, and collected, for example, the contributions taxes from the subjects.  There are considerably more signs of wear and tear inside the cart than on its exterior.


Text: O. B.

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Mecklenburg until 1945

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Volkskundemuseum Schönberger Land

Volkskundemuseum Schönberger Land

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