Bridal crown

wool, silk, embroidery, around 1900, height: 10 to 20 cm

Just like in other regional areas of Europe and beyond brides wore special wedding attire, which was generally crowned with a headdress that differed from everyday clothing. In the area of traditional costume these were mostly bridal crowns in Central Europe. In the principality of Ratzeburg almost 20 of these delicate head coverings have survived. Fabric was wrapped around a base frame made of wire. The shape of each one only differs slightly. The cylindrical 10 to 20 cm high bases were decorated with movable silver threads, small colourful glass beads, colourful fabric or paper flowers and feathers.

It was the highest honour for a girl to wear a crown during her wedding. It was therefore even more poignant if the crown was replaced with a wreath. This was the case if the bride had already had premarital intercourse or if a widow was marrying again. The interpretations were very different. Decorated with pretty ribbons down to the skirt hem, traditional bridal costumes in Schönberg were very colourful. The bridal crowns provide evidence of this.


Text: O. B.

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Mecklenburg until 1945

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