Patronage charter of the state of Schleswig-Holstein for Mecklenburg

6.4.1963, card, height: 43.5 cm

Upon the recommendation of the state premier, Kai Uwe von Hassel (CDU), the federal state government of Schleswig-Holstein resolved in 1963 to take over the patronage for Mecklenburg at the instigation of the Mecklenburg compatriot group. On 6th April 1963 Minister-President Dr. Helmut Lemcke (CDU) handed over the patronage charter to the 1st federal chairman of the compatriot group, Dr. Walter Wegner, during a ceremonial act in Kiel.

The Mecklenburg compatriot group was well connected in Schleswig-Holstein. In dealings with the GDR it was, as a mouthpiece and lobbyist for Mecklenburg residents who fled the area, an important partner for the pan-German claim to representation and the demand for reunification.

 This was underlined by the speakers at the event in April 1963. The Mecklenburg Foundation also benefited from the pledge to support the residents of Mecklenburg. The existence and work of the foundation was promoted over 30 years largely through the state of Schleswig-Holstein – also beyond the German Unity achieved in 1990.

At the bequest of the compatriot group the charter came into the possession of the Mecklenburg Foundation after the former was dissolved – initially on loan for the foundation’s permanent exhibition.


Text: M. R.

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Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

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