Wooden tableware

Dish with star-shaped serrated edge, diameter: 21.1 cm; dish, turned and carved, diameter: 18.5 cm; dish with cross-shaped serrated edge and trademark, diameter: 19.7 cm; all dishes: 14th/15th century, coniferous wood; wooden beaker, around 1500, height: 17.2 cm

Wooden tableware was used every day by all classes of society during the Middle Ages. Dishes, plates, spoons, ladles and boards made of this material were used. Plates and dishes were made by turners, who were mentioned in Wismar for the first time before 1290. In a Wismar scroll from 1591 they were referred to as the “office of the wood turners.” There is a trademark on the underside of the base. It is not known why the tableware was trademarked. The trademark refers to ownership by an inhabitant of Beginen convent.

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Mecklenburg until 1945

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