Model of the horseman Saint George

after 1427, painted wood, leather, brass, horsehair, height: 86 cm

There was a life-size sculpture of St George in the Wismar church of the same name that went missing after the Second World War. In 1864 the Wismar Museum of Art and Antiquity took over the model from the “Geistlichen Hebungen” trust estate. Knight George is wearing the typical clothing of a nobleman in the 15th century with doublet, chausses and gauntlets.

The construction of the war-damaged church acts as a symbol of the regeneration of Wismar since 1990.

Text: S. S.

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Mecklenburg until 1945

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Stadtgeschichtliches Museum der Hansestadt Wismar

Stadtgeschichtliches Museum der Hansestadt Wismar


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