Wilhelm Jäger: Panpipes Player (faun)

bronze, 1929, height: 36 cm

The Neubrandenburg sculptor Wilhelm Jäger (1888-1979) created this group of figures in the New Objectivity style. Two boys, sitting and standing, are listening to a man playing the panpipes. All three of the figures have the form of a faun: horns, tail and hooves. Many public works of art were created by Jäger, including the Fritz Reuter well on the market square from 1923 (today: “Mudder-Schulten well” opposite the train station).

Text: R. V.

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Mecklenburg until 1945

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Regionalmuseum Neubrandenburg

Regionalmuseum Neubrandenburg

Treptower Straße 38
17033 Neubrandenburg