Coin beaker

gilded silver, 1806 (with name of town and master), height: 10 cm

18 silver coins from the 16th century are embedded in the silver beaker and arranged in three rows. Between the rows are Rococo decorative elements. The inscription on the upper rim reads: “To the good citizen F.C. Haase and his wife R.M. Godduhn as a memento of their fifty-year wedding reception, dedicated by A.F. Spalding, H.C. Toll, F.F.Th. Tathkens. Neubrandenburg 17th April 1806.”

Text: R. V.

The exhibit refers to:

Mecklenburg until 1945

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Regionalmuseum Neubrandenburg

Regionalmuseum Neubrandenburg

Treptower Straße 38
17033 Neubrandenburg