Ludwig Manzel: 'Sedina' model

Ludwig Manzel (1858-1936), 'Sedina' model,
cast bronze by the Berlin foundry H. Gladenbeck and Son, 1895;
height: 70 cm

Close to the town hall, Stettin's patroness stands proud on the 'Manzel fountain', named after the sculptor, from 1898 on, carrying an anchor and a sail as attributes that symbolise the aspiring merchant and seafaring city in Prussia. The statue in the Pommersche Landesmuseum belong to the model for the fountain erected from 1894 to 1898, and was awarded the medal of honour at the Great Berlin Art Exhibition in 1896. The original in Stettin is melted down to extract copper in 1942.

Text: H. W.

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Western Pomerania until 1945

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Pommersches Landesmuseum

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