Decorative vase for Friedrich Gottlob Schulze

once rector at the academy of agriculture in Eldena;
Royal Prussian Porcelain Manufactory of Berlin;
design: Carl August Peter Menzel (1794-1853), 1837;
height: 62 cm

Students at the national and state academy of agriculture award this decorative vase to the co-founder and first director Friedrich Gottlob Schulze in 1837 as a symbol of gratitude. Faced with the revolution in farming, Prussia also experiences a growing need for specially trained economists and civil servants who are versed in financial and administrative affairs. The owner of extensive estates, the University of Greifswald is an ideal place to provide this education, but is fearful of the academic competition that an independent academy may present. But Schulze manages to implement his concept, introducing a comprehensive degree course in agricultural studies. He expands the village and estate of Eldena as a pilot project. Eldena educates agricultural leaders from north Germany, Scandinavia and the Baltic states between 1835 and 1876.

Text: H.W.

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Western Pomerania until 1945

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