Clamping fixture for planing

tool for aircraft construction, Walther-Bachmann-Flugzeugbau KG, Ribnitz around 1940, length: 35.5 cm

The plane was used to smooth projecting rivet heads on the duralumin boards for as smooth as possible aircraft fuselages. Gerhard Wittenborn used the clamping fixture from 1940 to 1944 at “Walther-Bachmann-Flugzeugbau KG” in Ribnitz, where he worked as an aircraft constructor. Military machines were repaired in the works; wings, controls and cockpits were also produced under licence for the Rostock aircraft companies Heinkel and Arado.

In 1939 around 1,500 people worked in the company.

During the war the severe shortage of personnel was addressed through the use of forced labour. After the occupation of Ribnitz by Soviet troops in May 1945 work commenced on demolishing the factories. 


Text: K. Mö.

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Mecklenburg until 1945

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