Otto Lilienthal: Der Vogelflug als Grundlage der Fliegekunst (bird flight as the paradigm for manned flight)

R. Gaertner’s Verlagsbuchhandlung,
Berlin 1889;
height: 23.5 cm

The complete title of the book is: Der Vogelflug als Grundlage der Fliegekunst. Ein Beitrag zur Systematik der Flugtechnik. Auf Grund zahlreicher von O. und G. Lilienthal ausgeführter Versuche bearbeitet von Otto Lilienthal, Ingenieur und Maschinenfabrikant in Berlin. (bird flight as the paradigm for manned flight. A contribution to the systematics of aeronautics. Produced by Otto Lilienthal, engineer and manufacturer of machines from Berlin based on extensive experiments conducted by O. and G. Lilienthal). It is the first scientific and structured investigation of contemporary insight into aeronautics. 23 years of experiments and observations were incorporated in the work. The author deliberately uses lay terms to recruit support for the idea of manned flight in broad swathes of the population. The book basis its insight on the patterns of bird flight. The technical options for artificial flight contraptions are not explained until the final section.

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