Low German Luther Bible

Barth, paper and linen/card binding,
height: 26 cm
(on permanent loan by the Protestant Parish of St Mary's, Barth)

The 'Barth Bible' follows the 'Bugenhagen Bible' of 1533. It uses woodcuts by Erhart Altdorfer and is written in the Middle Low German language. The royal printing press in Barth was founded in 1582 by Bogislaw XIII, Duke of Pomerania; it produced 500 copies of this reprint. Its full title is: 'Biblia Dat is: (Bible: this is) De gantze hillige Schrifft/Düdesch.' (the complete Holy Scripture/German) D. Mart. Luth. Mit der lesten Correctur flytich collationeret/vnde na dersüluigen emenderet. (Quickly checked with the last galleys/made a few corrections) Barth. Jn der Förstliken Drückerye/dörch Hans Witten. (in the imperial printing press/by Hans Witten). M.D.LXXXVIII. 'These Bibles were laid out on the altar, where they were used by the priest during recitations.

Text: J. P.

The exhibit refers to:

Western Pomerania until 1945

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Niederdeutsches Bibelzentrum

Niederdeutsches Bibelzentrum

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